Review of G&P AK Tactical Conversion Kit OD Fixed Stock

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Review of G&P AK Tactical Conversion Kit OD Fixed Stock

Postby jvandiveer » Sun Dec 24, 2006 12:37 am

Conversion Kit for Marui AK47 includes:
* AK47 Metal Receiver Set
* AK47 Metal Front Set
* Tactical Handguard / Grip Set
* Folding Vertical Grip
* AK47 Fixed Stock ( Holds Large Type Battery up to 10.8V )
* AK47 Waffle Pattern Magazine ( 150 Rds )

NO instructions, though if you can strip an AK down to the barrel and mechbox it is pretty easy to put together.

Price: 9/10
Quality: 8/10 very solid and a good snug fit of all pieces

Metal Reciever - no problems
Metal Front - A bit dissapointed that the hole for the barrel was out of round (nothing some vice grips and a hammer couldn't fix); also the little top metal piece was stubborn (a little more hammering to fit)
Tactical handguard - had to file down a little bit of the plastic, so it would slip over the metal reciever
Verticle foregrip - pretty neat the way it transitions - though very stiff
Fixed Stock - the rear battey cover is held on by 2 screws - not exactly friendly for swapping batteries in the field. Also the battery compartment while large isn't too friendly for 3300mah 8.4v (will have to reconfig the battery similar to the RPK)

You can get a clearer idea of the parts if you look at

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